Fashion Cyphers

Fashion Cyphers are the community fashion events IGC carries out on a monthly basis, where we travel to different communities teaching and sharing knowledge about craftsmanship, sewing, and fashion. This enables us to empower communities of different backgrounds with skills to enrich their skillset and their livelihoods.

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In kazo village the cyphers are carried out on Nyamingi street and here IGC fashion works in hand with JACOB arts studio along side collaborations from other artists to make it a success.Kazo village is the birth place for IGC and due to series of cyphers this region is producing more designers and tailors


Makerere Kivulu

IGC fashion reaches out to some people leaving on streets of Kamplala with the services of Recycling worn clothes,teaching them how to mend their garments, donating atires,counselling and guidance to the young brothers and sisters leaving on street.Makerere kivulu is one of the few area in kampala with centres where most street children we work along wih Akaana Foundation Uganda an organization that works closely with street children in Kampala



kamwokya is one of the most influetial slums in Uganda its kown to mother alot of talents but as well a big number of unemployed youths.Here IGC fashion carried the cyphers collaborating with a hip hop event known as SKILLZ EAST AFRICA to reach out inspire and share skills in tailoring



fashion cyphers in kawempe are conducted in Nkere zone, a gheto where virus hip hop community events happen.Working with hip hop activists and community event organizers (kulture future kids & Grow to build Uganda) in this region IGC is able to carry out the fashion outreach



kitgum is a distiric in Northern Uganda which is up to now still rercovering from a 20 years civil that took place  in the north.We reach out to some of the families here with sharing hand skills at hip hop center called Northern Uganda Hip HOP Culture (NUHC)



With Milandilla organization found in wakiso district we conduct the cyphers at the centre of this NGO, in this region the cypher workshops are more attended bz zoung mothers and fathers hence igc shares at most the technics of stitching ,creating patterns and how to produce a quality garmet



This is one of Rwenzori region found in the western part of Uganda,thrice a year IGC fashion conducts master classes to fashion students at a tailoring school named Paper fig foundation tailoring school which is directed by Paper fig foundation and every after the master class IGC fashion carries out a fashion cypher in Kidodo town of kasese to inspire new creatives and share hand made skills to youths,children and mothers in this community



fashion cyphers in kisoro a  mainly put in place to impact the Batwa people people leaving in this region.we stage the cyphers in different Batwa communities of kisoro. igc fashion especially targets this community due to its hard background. which have followed the whole tribe of these people now for 40 years after they were displaced out of there home /land without a compensation from the government. In this region region IGC is working in hand with LOCALKID Uganda organisation which works with the Batwa in Kisoro.