IGC FASHION (Ibrahim and Godfrey’s community fashion) was found in 2017 by two uganda fashion designers Kasoma Ibrahim & Katende Godfrey.

IGC  is a fashion and costume label from kampala uganda inspired by African heritage, nature and culture always paired with a forward thinking and a unique design aesthetic.

We tend to look at a garment as a moving breathing piece of sculpture art which can be used as a vehicle for communicating and questioning ideas about our cultures.


We are partially interested in using raw materials like bark cloth, raffia, sisal, shells and other neglected fabric items that can be combiner and transformed into a unique garment. As designers we find it more important to recognize craftsmanship and sustainability and this contribution is something we always seek to incorporate into our work through reclying, sourcing from diverse African cultures and a zero waste initiative.


Apart from creating our own collections, we also carry out community fashion outreach event (FASHION CYPHER) every month in different regions around Uganda with the aim of creating , inspiring and sharing tailoring skills to youths and children with the help of other fashion designers ,artists and different organizations to build a creative approach on how to eradicate unemployment one of the major problems facing communities in East Africa.

We as well organize an annual culture and fashion event (KWETU KWANZA)  that brings together fashion designers , bloggers and influencers both local and international to address major issues affecting the local fashion industry and how we can forge ways to make fashion more sustainable without its negative social and environmental impacts.






Ak Ibrahim

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I grew up in a small village called Buzika between Kampala and Jinja and was raised for the most part by my Grandmother, who is my idol to this day. My grandmother spent her time either with her church or as a volunteer in an orphanage and I would go with her everywhere she went. When we were at home she would be either gardening or sewing. Naturally, I would learn from her, and I taught myself how to sew. She made handcrafts which she would sell to make money and so I grew up making paper bead necklaces, hand crafted shoes, and mending clothes. Having this yearning to make and create things from such an early age that I could exchange for a small amount of money was a crucial step in my path to becoming a fashion designer. Being raised by women my whole life also helped to shape the person I am today. As a child I was obsessed with taking things apart. I wanted to see how things work inside and how they are put together. In a similar way this has translated into how I work as a fashion designer. I have also had the opportunity to be mentored by a number of amazing artists and designers who continue to inspire me with their work to this day.


Katende Godfrey (blak)

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I was raised from kazo central, a kampala sub-b village between the hills of mutesa ll and Nabweru,growing up with a strong mother ,my first mentor who has shown me how to mend my worn clothes, whenever she was hand stitching them, i observed with her directions and this uplifted me to whom i am today, for me It was fun,i could even offer to hand stitch worn clothes for my pals for free ,not knowing that  its a passion i will take and develop up to now. I learnt through friends, internet and sharing with other fashion artists.

Kazo central now locally known as uptown kazo defines the genesis of my creativity,a small village as it is, that mothers people from different ethinic groups & cultures of Uganda, my movements from the valley (kazo) to the hills sighting different colored layers of soils , dark,black swampy land escape from the valley, the unstable society with insecurity of thiefty, strike ,growing up in a hip-hop family and the love for traveling,learning and meeting new people of different art forms contributes more than enough to a fashion designer i am at the moment.